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Taryn Dominguez, LMSW Joins Care for Life

TarynSocial Worker/Care Manager
University, BSW, 2007, Miami Shores, FL
University of South Carolina, MSW, 2008, Columbia, SC

Care for Life is pleased to announce that Taryn Dominguez, LMSW, has joined the geriatric care management and homecare agency. In her role as a Social Work Care Manager, she assesses the client’s physical and cognitive status, his ability to self-care, and whether proper safety measures have been put in place. She makes referrals to community resources when physical or other kinds of therapy are indicated. An important aspect of the assessment is medication reconciliation to prevent errors. Ongoing monitoring is critical to providing the excellent care that Care For Life is known for in the community.

She observes family dynamics to see how family members relate to the senior and vice versa. She creates detailed assessments based on information provided by the client and the family. When necessary she seeks information from the client’s physician and other involved parties with permission. She educates the client and family if there is any chronic disease management requirement.

Taryn worked for over four years at the pharmacy at the Medical University of South Carolina. She assisted low-income patients to find ways to obtain free medications from pharmaceutical companies.

She coached eligible patients with information about the various Medicare Advantage and Medicare part D plans. Some of her most gratifying work occurred when she helped organ transplant patients secure grants to help pay for their expensive transplant related medications.

Taryn understands the complex medicinal needs of the geriatric community and is a great asset to Care For Life in meeting the need for care management that involves medication reconciliation and appropriate use of medications.

Taryn enjoys presenting programs for community groups and other professionals to educate regarding issues that affect the older population. She is an active participant in her local National Association of Social Workers of South Carolina Chapter.

On a personal note, Taryn became a caregiver when she was just 17. Her father was 51 years old when he received the devastating diagnosis of esophageal cancer. Because he was at an advanced stage, the family’s daily life changed drastically. She experienced the stages of dying with her father as she helped her mother take care of him. Therefore, she knows firsthand the hardships a crisis brings when it hits when you least expect it.

Several years later, Taryn’s paternal grandmother fell at home and broke a rib. Taryn rushed to the hospital to be with her 84-year-old grandmother. She knew that her time with her grandmother was nearing the end due to pneumonia and cancer. Taryn and her sister honored her grandmother’s advance directives and comforted her to the end of her battle.

Through these experiences, Taryn is prepared to help others and to advocate for older, more vulnerable adults. She vows to be a voice they so desperately need in this fast-changing world.

Care For Life Geriatric Care Managers collaborate with hospital case managers to engage patients and their families in hospital discharge planning from the time of admission.

Thirty years ago, a physician or other healthcare provider could create a discharge plan and the patient would follow it without question, because patients believed the healthcare provider knew best. This is no longer the case.
Patients and families adept at internet use are becoming more aware of their healthcare benefits and the financial impact of those benefits. Obviously, case managers want to ensure that patients and families buy into and comply with discharge plans, so they are compelled to involve patients in the decision-making process from the time of admission.
From a healthcare prospective wherein preventing readmission to the hospital is essential, case managers know they can no longer perform “textbook” discharge planning.
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Testimonial from a Care For Life Caregiver

As a caregiver working for Care For Life, I am proud of the work I do every day. The things I like best are bonding with our clients and their family members, doing special things like hand massage, filling gaps of loneliness, spending quality time through singing or reading, writing cards to send to old friends and playing any kind of board games. It’s important to make them feel they are still needed and wanted. I love my job. I know I make a difference!

Sue B., Personal Care Assistant, July 2012